Northern Wisconsin Real Estate

April 2014 - Spring has arrived in the Northwoods but the remnants of our historically tough winter are still lingering.  An above average snow pack and several feet of ice on many area lakes have left us with a long way to go to put Old Man Winter in the rear view.  Still, this time of year is so exciting to witness.  A lawn appears where there was only a mountain of snow, quickly populated by hungry Robins. The first glimmer of open water along the shoreline and the familiar sight of a muskrat perched on the edge.  A pregnant Whitetail Doe, exhausted from the harsh winter, who will soon be accompanied by a clumsy spotted little one.  It's a collective sigh of relief, and a buzz of excitement and anticipation.

The real estate market in the Minocqua Area is heating up as well.  We've seen hundreds of new listing hit the market in the past month as Sellers prepare to make a move and take advantage of the hot summer market.  The key for Sellers to understand is that there is a substantial amount of competing properties out there and you'll need to position your property as competitively as possible in order to be one of the 10% or so that will sell this year.

Don't miss the 7th Annual Taste of the North - April 24th, 6pm @ The Waters of Minocqua

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